The cutting-edge focal point at LADE

The cutting-edge focal point at LADE

For more than 80 years, Laminados Decorativos de Occidente (LADE) in Guadalajara, Mexico, has been an ally of architects and designers in the creation of exceptional spaces, thanks to the diversity in materials for construction and interior design that they offer.

Boardroom table in LADE with FENIX Rosso Jaipur application, chairs and water bottles

On this occasion, the focus was on their own space – a board room table that had to be not only functional but also with a highlighted touch of design. FENIX® was the key to bring it to life, due to its unique properties.

In the construction of the new offices in Guadalajara, they required to communicate—even in the small details—the essence of the company: “to provide options that allow to conceive or reinterpret spaces, homes or commercial places with distinguished trendy touches that generate quick solutions with the highest design standards.”

The work table in the boardroom had to be the element that differentiates them; while remaining functional and allowing collaborative work between clients and associates. It was essential that the piece fit as an inherent icon of innovation and style, contrasting at the same time with the hues of the space without producing antagonism.

Approach to the table in the LADE boardroom with FENIX Rosso Jaipur application and chair

Choosing the right shade was paramount in setting up this inspirational item, while it also needed to be integrated into LADE’s color palette. Avoiding the brown lines in seams and on the surface was another important aspect to consider this item as a functional piece of design.

Therefore, a material recognized for its quality and versatility was chosen: FENIX®. Among the 16 available colors, Rosso Jaipur was selected as a bold color that produces an energizing effect, that consistently adapts without merging into the space, allowing ideas and inspiration to flow in meetings.

The FENIX® sheets size facilitated the application on long dimension surfaces, covering the required measurements of the 3.05 by 1.30 meter table. In addition, its thickness of 1.2 mm showcased the selected color and concealed the seams. The final result was impressive, achieving a timeless aesthetic.

FENIX® was the best option since it is an extremely matte surface, soft to the touch and anti-fingerprint – all ideal attributes for surfaces exposed to continuous use such as the boardroom table at LADE.

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Images Courtesy of Laminados Decorativos de Occidente S.A. de C.V.

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