Artopex's new Studiolab

Artopex's new Studiolab

A true creative space fitted with FENIX® top to bottom.

Artopex, a family business founded in Granby in 1980, is the only Quebec manufacturer to offer a full range of office furniture entirely designed and made in Quebec. The company focuses on quality and durability and stands out for its innovative take on office furniture.


Innovation and new idea development are at the heart of Artopex's DNA. In this spirit, the company was keen to create a new workspace for its creative staff. Artopex's new Studiolab took form in collaboration with design firm Cyr Cathcart. The Studiolab is the company’s exclusive and highly creative workspace specially dedicated to its R&D and marketing departments.


Before the design phase, the company first had to clearly define the needs of their creative team to make sure they hit the nail on the head and created a space that stimulates creativity while also being warm and inviting.

The Studiolab is divided into two sections: an unassigned office work area known as the Studio, and a lab section known as the Lab. The Studio features desks, adjustable tables, a conference room, a brainstorming room, a lounge area, a coffee bar, and closed offices, so that employees have access to everything they need no matter the type of project or task they’re working on. The Lab is where prototypes are developed. It includes all the essential tools needed to bring projects to life, such as workbenches, a 3D printer, a mini photo studio, manufacturing equipment, and so forth.

Close up desk in FENIX Grigio Londra

When it was designing its new Studiolab, the Artopex team didn't think twice when it came to selecting materials. FENIX® innovative materials were the obvious choice, as it’s a star product Artopex often uses in its signature projects. “Naturally, innovative FENIX® materials were our first choice. Indeed, they were a must for us. By using materials such as FENIX®, the Studiolab stands out and offers a modern, comfortable working environment that looks as fabulous as the products Artopex makes,” says Philippe Gosselin, Marketing Director at Artopex.

FENIX® materials' visual and functional characteristics were a perfect match for what was needed in the Studiolab, as the team wanted to create an inviting yet comfortable creative space. The surface's high matte effect, low light reflectivity, and velvety feel all foster a sense of well-being in the space.


In the Studio section, all the work surfaces are made with FENIX®, as are the coffee bar countertop, side tables, and conference table. Bianco Kos (J0032) and Grigio Londra (J0718) were chosen to complement the cozy, inviting ambience created by the furnishings. Used in conjunction with Artopex's laser-applied edgebanding technology, the result was gorgeous, smooth surfaces.

This new space meets this innovative company's needs, vision, and goals perfectly. Furthermore, the Studiolab is now a regular stop on customer visits, alongside the company's head office and showrooms, allowing customers to appreciate FENIX® materials in all their glory.


Photo credit: Phil Bernard


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