Versatile and machining-friendly

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Versatile and Innovative

FENIX can be both machined and pressed onto panels for endless surfacing opportunities. 

FENIX has outstanding aesthetic and performance characteristics. FENIX materials can be used for both vertical and horizontal applications. The products have a slight directionality, which is only visible under some light conditions. Direction is indicated on product packaging for extra precaution.

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The versatility of FENIX NTM

FENIX can be easily machined with standard carpenter tools. Cutting, milling, drilling, edging, bending and gluing are possible.

To know more about how FENIX can be machined, please refer to the FENIX technical guidelines.


A One-Stop-Shop for FENIX Laminated and Laid-Up Panels

Woodworkers and other fabricators who purchase laminated panels and sheets in the Midwest have a new option for quicker service thanks to a panel press line recently introduced by FENIX. 

Download the FENIX Standard Panel Product Offering Guide to view the current panel offering. If you have unique requirements, please work directly with your distributor rep.

To learn more:

Call 1-800-367-6422 or find your local distributor using the Where to Buy tool.


Where to buy FENIX® materials laminated Panels

Formica Mt. Comfort Panel Press Service Area Map


Panel Press in Action

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