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FENIX Commercial Design

Whether you are designing a dentist office, doctor’s consulting room or conference room, FENIX can help create the perfect space.

Discover FENIX innovative materials for your commercial interior design. From dental offices and doctors consulting rooms to restaurant kitchens and bars, FENIX has what you need to design the perfect space. Delivering on-trend Italian design, FENIX materials provide everything you need to create your space from work tables to desks, to help make your commercial space a place everyone will want to work and visit. 
FENIX innovative materials are made of paper (over 60%) and thermosetting resins (30 - 40%), with versatile, durable features, including being super matte, scratch-resistant and easy to clean, making them the ideal choice for a busy environment. Not only this, but they’re also carbon neutral, so they're a much more sustainable option for your next commercial design project.
Our gallery of images include inspiration from a variety of commercial spaces, including healthcare and office designs, commercial kitchens and commercial bathrooms. All of FENIX materials are super sleek and modern, making them perfect for incorporating in both minimalist and maximalist interior design. If you're wanting to get a feel of the benefits FENIX has to offer then, learn all about FENIX surface materials on the about page and order your free samples today.


What is commercial design?
Commercial design is the design of businesses, government buildings and public spaces. Some examples would be doctors offices, dental practices, offices, restaurants and retail stores. 
Why is commercial design important?
Commercial design is important because the layout and design of your business or establishment is the first thing that customers see and are going to judge you on. For example, if you owned a restaurant that did not have an aesthetically pleasing bathroom, it would be likely that a customer would not return. Want to find out more? Check out our article on why you shouldn’t neglect commercial bathroom design here. 
How can FENIX be used in commercial design?
FENIX innovative materials are perfect for interior design. They can be used to create tables, desks, kitchen countertops, shelving units and more.

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