Five Reasons to Embrace the Super-Matte Surfacing Trend

Five Reasons to Embrace the Super-Matte Surfacing Trend

Subtle, sleek, super-matte FENIX® surfaces are turning heads in a variety of modern home spaces where fingerprint resistance and thermal healing are redefining functional beauty.

FENIX Verde Comodoro super-matte bathroom cabinet with white countertop and gold fixtures

Matte surfaces — and in particular, super-matte surfaces — began making inroads several years ago with black fixtures and cabinet hardware. Appliances followed suit, and now this luxe opaque look touches many components, from flooring and paint to ceramic tiles, cabinets and countertops. 

Arpa Industriale’s FENIX® line of renewable, super-matte, soft-to-the-touch surfaces enables homeowners to bring this chic, unexpected design choice into their everyday spaces. Formica Group now manufactures and sells the FENIX® collection for designers and homeowners in North America.

Here are five great reasons to explore super-matte surfaces:

Modern kitchen with J0757 Bianco Dover cabinets, J0724 Grigio Bromo drawers and stainless appliances

1. Allow Other Elements to Shine

Well-balanced designs feature a variety of textures and surfaces which come together as a thoughtful whole. Super-matte cabinets and drawers provide a refined backdrop to highlight the gleam of stainless-steel appliances, hardware and other metallic details.

J0719 Beige Luxor bathroom cabinet with sink, textured wall and picture frames

2. Create a Dark and Moody Vibe

With low light reflectivity, super-matte FENIX® surfaces in deep, rich hues offer a strong focal point within today’s curated, moody interiors. This approach can create a memorable living area, bedroom or bathroom.

J0748 Beige Arizona super-matte bathroom cabinets with white countertop and gold fixtures

3. Add Lightness and Sophistication

Many contemporary designs embrace simplicity in the form of light, inviting color palettes. FENIX® comes in a range of enticing neutral and pastel shades that enable organic sophistication to be paired with standout metals like copper or rose gold.

J0030 Bianco Alaska matte white laundry room cabinet with hanging shirts

4. Maximize Longevity

Not only are FENIX® surfaces highly durable, but they also offer thermal healing of superficial micro-scratches. In addition, they can be maintained with everyday cleaning products. This makes them an ideal option for high-traffic areas that need to stand the test of time for style as well as functionality.

Anti-fingerprint J0029 Bianco Male white countertop and plant with J0754 Blu Fes cabinet with gold handle

5. Enjoy the Beauty of Fingerprint Resistance

No one likes to see fingerprint smudges marring their elegant matte countertops or cabinetry. Innovative FENIX® materials are anti-fingerprint for a classic appearance, especially for dark surfaces.

Explore the FENIX® Collection of Super-Matte Surfaces

Available in a wide range of memorable colors, the high-tech yet timeless style of FENIX® surfaces is inspiring new and exciting designs in residential spaces. 

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Take the Look of Super-Matte Surfaces Outside!

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