Five Classic Palettes for the New FENIX® Collection

Five Classic Palettes for the New FENIX® Collection

The FENIX® Collection now includes 27 color selections ranging from soft neutrals to bold solids. Get inspired with these five palettes.

The Lush Palette

Subtle and calming, this compilation embraces the pool blues, sage and gray greens found in nature. The warm beige of Castoro Ottawa brings in the tones of wood and sand. The warm white of Bianco Malé is reminiscent of birch bark — a bright spot in a largely monochromatic scheme. 

Colors in this palette:
• J0029 Bianco Malé 
• J0717 Castoro Ottawa 
• J0794 Verde Kitami – NEW!  
• J0750 Verde Comodoro 
• J0792 Blu Shaba – NEW! 

The Muted Luxury Palette

There’s a quiet elegance to this muted and luxurious palette of soft grays and warm beiges blended with low-chroma teal and violet. It’s a regal ensemble of quiet sophistication given gravitas by the dark and muted tones. Grigio Efeso and Beige Arizona lighten the mood and keep this look from becoming too serious.

Colors in this palette:
• J0725 Grigio Efeso
• J0748 Beige Arizona
• 718 Grigio Londra  
• JO792 Blu Shaba - NEW!
• JO790 Viola Orissa - NEW!

The Nautical Palette
The Nautical Palette is a classic combination of hues that’s clean, sophisticated and cozy. The pure white of Bianco Alaska represents bleached shells and silver dollars, while Beige Arizona adds the grounding effect of driftwood and sand. The blues and blue-greens bring in the sense of water, and Grigio Aragona gray is reminiscent of a lakeside clapboard house. 

Colors in this palette:
• J0030 Bianco Alaska 
•J0748 Beige Arizona 
• J0792 Blu Shaba – NEW!  
•J0754 Blu Fes 
• J0793 Grigio Aragona – NEW!  

The Desert Palette

The spectrum of the desert is illustrated in this palette of complementary warm maize, gold russet, terracotta and a deep warm red. The addition of Verde Comodoro is an impactful cooling green that offsets the warm overall look, much as cactus plants in the desert provide a visual pivot from their surroundings. 

Colors in this palette
• J0750 Verde Comodoro 
• J0719 Beige Luxor 
• J0791 Giallo Evora – NEW!   
• J0789 Rosso Namib – NEW!  
• J0751 Rosso Jaipur

The Sunset Palette

This analogous color palette presents the inspiring spectrum of a sunset. Impactful and bold, this collection draws from the earthtones of the 1970s with an updated twist. The warm gold tones shift to terracotta with Rosso Namib and then deep rich purple with Viola Orissa. Grigio Londra then takes over the sky, turning the color to warm gray and ultimately the chocolate brown of Cacao Orinoco.  

Colors in this palette

• J0791 Giallo Evora - NEW!
• J0789 Rosso Namib - NEW!
• J0790 Viola Orissa - NEW   
• J0718 Grigio Londra  
• J0749 Cacao Orinoco 

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