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How To Remove Superficial Micro-Scratches on Surfaces

When it comes to the kitchens, bathrooms and offices in homes and commercial spaces, a little bit of wear and tear is to be expected. Not to worry, though, here at FENIX we have clear instructions on how to take care of our surface materials, from everyday cleaning tips to how to fix micro-scratches.

How To Repair Superficial Micro-Scratches From Daily Use

  • Place a paper towel on the area and spray it with water
  • Iron over the area (using a hot iron)
  • Remove the paper towel
  • Wipe dry with a microfiber cloth

If you need more information, watch this video:


Please note, that FENIX can not be held responsible for damages that occur if you try this method on any other surface materials but our own, so it’s important to check with your supplier first if you are not sure.

Micro-Scratch FAQ’s

Can I use this technique on my kitchen countertops?

Yes, you can use this technique on kitchen countertops, whether in your own home or in a commercial space. First, make sure your surface materials are actually FENIX. Then, follow the steps outlined above or shown in the video. Then, if you’re looking for more kitchen countertop tips, tricks or inspiration, check out our article on how to organize your kitchen countertops here.

Can I use this technique on my bathroom cabinets?

Yes, as long as your bathroom cabinets are made from FENIX surface materials, this is exactly how we recommend fixing your superficial micro-scratches.

Will this technique work on larger scratches?

Unfortunately, there is no guarantee this technique will work on bigger scratches. Luckily, FENIX materials are made to be super durable, strong and scratch-resistant, so you can use them normally without having to worry about big accidents occurring. 

Have you found this page helpful? We have more cleaning and maintenance resources available, including tips for deep cleaning and stain removal. If you want more information about FENIX surfacing  materials, check out our about page and order your free FENIX sample today


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