Cuisines Vima Design showcase FENIX® products in its showroom

Cuisines Vima Design showcase FENIX® products in its showroom

Located in Beaconsfield, on the West Island of Montreal, Cuisines Vima Design is a reference in custom cabinetry design, production and installation

J0724 Grigio Bromo Showroom

For nearly 20 years, the company and its experienced team of 10 designers have leveraged creativity, innovation and precision to design unique, high-quality projects for its clients.

In 2020, Cuisines Vima Design revamped its showroom. To this end, they designed and installed a new kitchen built with high-quality, high-end materials to showcase the projects they can design for their clients.

The goal was to create a “Wow!” effect at first glance with a sleek-looking modern kitchen. Since space was limited, Cuisines Vima Design sought to maximize it while ensuring that the design differed from the typical wall of cabinets with a central island usually seen in showrooms.

So that clients could envision the space and imagine how their future kitchen might look, Vima Design created a unique and friendly showroom kitchen. Their approach was to add a dining area that makes it easy for clients to imagine their family gathering there to eat breakfast or do homework.

J0724 Grigio Bromo cabinets

The whole kitchen was designed with high-quality products, including countertops and a backsplash made of quartz. FENIX® materials were used for the high-traffic cabinets around the sink and stove. The company chose the J0724 Grigio Bromo colour to lend a chic and elegant look that perfectly matches quartz’s light and pure nature.

The Vima Design team opted for FENIX® products to make the new showroom shine, show clients the beauty of the products’ matte effect and spark discussion on their durability.

The “Wow!” effect Vima Design wanted from this new kitchen was immediately realized. Clients now get to see the product in a real-life setting and can experience it up close by touching it and playing with the cabinets. Moreover, they instantly notice the material’s matte effect, soft touch texture and quality.

“Since we installed this kitchen in our showroom, clients have been very interested in learning more about FENIX® products, and many have selected them for their kitchen,” says Cuisines Vima Design Senior Designer Genevieve Nadeau. “FENIX® innovative materials are products that deserve to be known and used in the kitchen, the most frequented room in a home.”

Photo credit: Stephanie Duclos

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