RUBIC creates a magnificent, uncluttered chef's kitchen using FENIX® innovative materials

RUBIC creates a magnificent, uncluttered chef's kitchen using FENIX® innovative materials

RUBIC, a firm that specializes in kitchen and bathroom renovation, was mandated to completely renovate the ground floor of a house built in 1973.

FENIX kitchen overview

Since the entire floor was to be refurbished with the kitchen as its focal point, the RUBIC team was able to give free rein to its creativity, designing a unique and functional space that was the perfect fit for its clients.

The project’s main aim was to open the kitchen area – previously been an enclosed 13- x 14-foot room – and turn it into an open-concept area from which the family could enjoy the magnificent view of the Saint-François River that borders the house.

Given that the client was a former chef, ensuring that the kitchen would be functional was a priority. Therefore, the layout of the various work areas was designed to create a very efficient and functional space, without detracting from the room’s airy look and form.

FENIX J0748 Beige Arizona Cabinets
FENIX J0029 Bianco Male Cabinets

To further streamline the kitchen, the RUBIC team decided to include a number of appliances directly in the design. These included the main fridge, freezer, range hood, dishwasher, pantry, and a second fridge in a drawer in the island, which were concealed using cabinet panels. While this was a big challenge for the team, the result was well worth the effort, as the kitchen looks sleek and modern, with a zen feel that's enhanced by direct contact with nature and the river, thanks to the large windows.

FENIX kitchen full view

FENIX® innovative materials were chosen for the kitchen island cabinets as well as the wall, fridge, and pantry cabinets. FENIX® materials were the natural fit for the family's needs. “To handle a lot of cooking, a big dog and children, it was highly appropriate to use FENIX® as a cabinet material, not least because of its anti-fingerprint properties and the possibility of repairing micro-scratches using heat,” says Rosanne Turcotte, Designer and owner of RUBIC. In the end, the durability of the materials, their timeless look, and the fact that they can be cleaned by rinsing them down with warm water and dried with a clean cloth all factored into the team's decision to choose FENIX® materials.

The final touch of refinement in the white cabinet section is the Miralis’ Tribeca door in FENIX® Bianco Malé (J0029). For its part, the beige cabinet section is a handleless design in FENIX® Beige Arizona (J0748).The wood cabinet section is made of handleless white oak to clearly delineate the coffee station and add a little warmth. The quartz countertops are of varying thicknesses, colors, and heights. This combination of materials creates a perfectly harmonious and magnificent kitchen with a soothing, modern feel.

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