Ramsin Khachi gets a luxurious and functional garage

Ramsin Khachi gets a luxurious and functional garage

FENIX® products lend a chic and modern look to the space.

Designer + Builder Ramsin Khachi of Khachi Design + Build undertook the construction of a stunning two-car garage with adjoining storage space. Featured on CTV's Marilyn Denis Show and in an episode of the “Bespoke in the Burbs” YouTube series, this project aimed to design a highly functional and well-organized space that would be a natural, seamless extension of the house.

Full view Khachi
Storage wall Khachi

The designer decided to maximize storage in the adjoining room by installing shelves, hooks and storage bins to hold all the everyday and off-season items that would normally clutter a garage. Taking organization to another level, Ramsin Khachi also designed large built-in cabinets and drawers on the main garage's back wall, creating even more storage space. For a clean, modern look that matches the sand epoxy floor, the designer chose FENIX® Grigio Londra (J0718) to cover the cabinets’ exterior surface. The cabinet door interiors were covered with Formica® brand Black Magnetic Chalkboard laminate (#M2253) so that users can leave notes on them while still being able to store tools and other metal equipment, thanks to the surface’s magnetic side.

Countertop Khachi
Side view Khachi

A large, durable work area, perfect for working on everyday DIY projects, was also fitted under the cabinets. This surface was covered with FENIX® Piombo Doha (J2630, discontinued), which features a distinctive speckled pattern that complements the solid tone grey cabinets.

Innovative FENIX® materials were chosen for this project, both for their appearance and durability. “FENIX® is an extremely high-performance surface that allows me, as a designer, to achieve all the functionality I need in such a space, while delivering considerable aesthetic value,” says designer Ramsin Khachi.

Their extremely matte effect complements this luxury garage’s sleek, modern design, and their durability makes FENIX® the material of choice in a space where surfaces need to be cleaned regularly. Furthermore, the product's ability to thermally repair surface micro-scratches guarantees its long-term durability.

“My goal is to render a space for its ultimate purpose. The materials I use in my designs are vital components in creating the perfect environment where function and form work in equal accord to deliver a space that truly serves its purpose in every way,” says designer Ramsin Khachi.

Khachi Design + Build

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