FJORD intérieurs reinvents the past

FJORD intérieurs reinvents the past

A modern kitchen in an ancestral home with FENIX® innovative materials.

Far more than a simple renovation, this project sought to encapsulate the essence of the past, while embracing modernity. Guided by this vision, FJORD intérieurs renovated an ancestral home, making this kitchen a more functional, better organized and resistant to the wear and tear of time, thanks to durable, high-quality products.

At the outset of the project, the team knew it would face unique challenges. Old houses are full of character, but they also pose problems such as angled walls and uneven floors. With creativity and determination, the team overcame these challenges.

Fjord Interieur farmhouse sink

To carry out this renovation, materials that offer a combination of durability, style and functionality were chosen. FENIX® materials were central to the design and were used on all drawer fronts and cupboard doors, as well as on the open shelves, lending visual consistency and guaranteeing unsurpassed quality throughout the kitchen.

Fjord Interieur Verde Comodoro cabinets
Fjord Interieur Verde Comodoro coffee bar

FENIX® materials in Verde Comodoro (J0750) provided a subtle splash of color, while complementing the quartz countertop and backsplash, which added timeless elegance to the design. Also, the use of black painted steel and flutex glass created modern accents, while preserving the home’s historic charm. Some of the house's original features, such as decorative coffers and wooden mouldings, were salvaged and seamlessly integrated into the design.

"We chose FENIX® products for their exceptional durability and modern look. Knowing that our clients have an active family who loves to cook and entertain, we knew that FENIX® was the perfect choice for this kitchen," says designer Olivier Gregorio. Features including ultra-matte look, anti-fingerprint properties and the possibility to thermally repair superficial micro-scratches were particularly attractive for this project.

Fjord Interieur ancestral kitchen

This kitchen remodel was achieved through the successful blending of past and present in every detail, creating a functional, elegant space steeped in history. "Our clients as well as our team are delighted with the end result, thus confirming that FENIX® materials really were the perfect choice for this project," says the designer.

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