Cuisigam designs a modern, welcoming kitchen with FENIX® Nero Ingo

Cuisigam designs a modern, welcoming kitchen with FENIX® Nero Ingo

The Cuisigam team offers custom-made services and is at the forefront of the latest design trends and high-quality materials. A Trois-Rivières (Qc, Canada) family retained Cuisigam's services to fully renovate their kitchen.

With an approach based on listening, discussing, and collaborating with clients, the Cuisigam team clearly understood the client's needs and preferences. The client wanted an innovative kitchen that would stand out from the crowd and incorporate both a black product and wood inserts. They also wanted the kitchen to be functional, airy, and have sufficient storage space.

Front view
Side view

Given that the clients wanted a black material for their cabinets, it was imperative that they choose a product that wouldn't get dirty easily or show fingerprints, both of which can be issues in a kitchen. The Cuisigam team immediately thought of using FENIX® surfaces in the Nero Ingo design, which was just right for the project with its ultra-matte effect and soft touch texture that provides a modern yet warm look. The product is durable, fingerprint resistant, and matches perfectly with stainless steel appliances.

“At Cuisigam, we love FENIX® materials! It’s soft touch, durability, anti-fingerprint properties, and the ability to thermally repair micro-scratches on the surface make them unique. For our team, FENIX® surfaces are truly the industry’s best matte products,” says Sacha Lajeunesse, Interior Designer and Co-owner of Cuisigam.

The kitchen's high ceilings and large windows made it possible to select a color as dark as black without fear of darkening the room. However, to give the kitchen an even warmer and more unique feel, the Cuisigam team added natural walnut inserts at the island, creating a niche, which is practical for adding decoration or storage. A Silestone quartz countertop was also installed, providing a perfect contrast to the FENIX® Nero Ingo cabinets.

Photo credit: Real Landry, Photography

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