Harmony and vanguard

Harmony and vanguard

Casa Design Hunter keeps alive its annual tradition of transforming and reimagining its iconic kitchen.


Casa Design Hunter keeps alive its annual tradition of transforming and reimagining its iconic kitchen. This year, the renovation has taken an innovative twist, thanks to a special collaboration with the prestigious Italian firm of high-end decorative surfaces, FENIX®.

Casa Design Hunter´s kitchen remodel has always been an anticipated event that sets trends and standards in the world of interior design. In the past, the house has featured the collaboration of renowned firms, such as Formica®, who brings a unique vision and cutting-edge materials. This year, the choice of FENIX® has taken the project to new heights, integrating luxury, innovation and functionality in a way never seen before.

FENIX® is recognized worldwide for its high-end decorative surfaces, which not only delight with their sophisticated and contemporary finish, but also for their strength and durability. These materials, designed with nanotechnology, possess the ability to repair micro-scratches with heat, ensuring that the beauty of the kitchen lasts over time.

The task of bringing this vision to life fell to Cocinas Jaguar, a name synonymous with excellence in kitchen design and construction. With a deep understanding of the virtues of trendy materials and an ability to fuse form and function, Cocinas Jaguar has created a space that serves not only as a cooking area, but as a true center of gathering.


Casa Design Hunter's new kitchen for 2024 is a testament to what happens when innovation meets tradition and functionality marries aesthetics. Every element, from the sleek surfaces to the meticulously selected fixtures, speaks to an understanding of modern design. This area is equipped to meet the most demanding culinary needs and was designed to inspire and foster moments of creativity and gathering.

The design was also intended to make the best use of space and light to create an environment that invites both culinary creation and social interaction. The integration of state-of-the-art technology in appliances and storage systems ensures that the kitchen looks impressive, as well as being highly functional and efficient.

The choice of FENIX® for Design Hunter's kitchen renovation is not casual; it represents the constant search for aesthetically appealing and highly functional materials. FENIX®, marketed in our country by Formica® Mexico, is distinguished by its extremely opaque surfaces, soft to the touch and resistant to fingerprints, making it the perfect choice for a kitchen that seeks to combine beauty and practicality.

The range of FENIX® surfaces adapts to both commercial and residential spaces, reflecting the versatility and broad spectrum of applications of these materials. This choice has allowed Cocinas Jaguar, in charge of construction and design, to create a space that is a visual delight, as well as a pillar of functionality and resistance.


The surfaces selected for this kitchen, Bianco Malé and Viola Orissa, are a testament to the sophistication and innovative thinking behind FENIX®. Based on the serenity and whiteness of the Maldivian sands, Bianco Malé brings a sense of peace and luminosity. On the other hand, Viola Orissa, with its tone inspired by the Indian region that is the birthplace of eggplant, introduces a deep and creative tone that adds character and depth to the design.

The technology behind FENIX® includes a multi-layer coating and the use of state-of-the-art acrylic resins, hardened through an electronic curing process. This ensures the durability and strength of the surfaces, and also allows for the thermal repairability of surface scratches, ensuring that the kitchen not only remains beautiful over time but also functional and resistant to everyday challenges.

In addition, the non-porous outer layer of FENIX® surfaces facilitates simple cleaning and maintenance, which is ideal for a space such as the kitchen, where hygiene is a must. This feature, combined with the wide range of colors available, ensures that each project can be customized to reflect the unique aesthetics of the environment and the preferences of the owners.

This collaboration between Design Hunter, FENIX® and Cocinas Jaguar is a testament to the power of collaboration between firms who share a common vision of excellence and beauty.

In the latest edition of its iconic annual transformation, Design Hunter has charted a new horizon in kitchen design, integrating the heritage of a mid-20th century home with the cutting edge of modern Italian design. This year, the collaboration reached new heights with the participation of FENIX®, created by Arpa Industriale in 2013, known for its innovative surfaces that have redefined the interior design landscape.

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