Why You Shouldn’t Neglect Commercial Bathroom Design

Why You Shouldn’t Neglect Commercial Bathroom Design

Find out why commercial bathroom design matters and how you can make sure you don’t neglect it with this handy guide. Get your free FENIX sample today.

Why You Shouldn’t Neglect Commercial Bathroom Design

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Although it may seem as though a bathroom is the least of your worries when it comes to commercial design, especially if you’re opening a restaurant or bar, it’s actually probably the thing you’re going to be remembered for the most. In fact, one study showed that 79% of customers would avoid restaurants and hotels that had unsatisfactory bathroom conditions. That’s why it’s integral that you do not neglect commercial bathroom design when either opening or refurbishing your establishment. If you’re struggling when it comes to designing a commercial bathroom that’s easy to upkeep, accessible and stylish, don’t worry, we’re here to help. This guide is going to show you everything you need to to consider when it comes to commercial bathroom design, and why you shouldn’t neglect it. 

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It Needs To Meet The Commercial Bathroom Code Requirements

When redesigning, remodeling or completely opening a new business or commercial space, there are specific requirements you have to follow when it comes to the bathroom. We have detailed some of the things you will need to consider before beginning work on your bathroom down below:

  • If your company has 15 employees or less, you are only required to offer one unisex bathroom, equipped with a toilet and a locking door. 
  • Two toilets for businesses 16 to 35 people
  • Three toilets for 36 to 55 people
  • Four toilets for 56 to 80 people
  • Five toilets for 81 to 110 people
  • Six toilets for 111 to 150 people
  • One additional toilet for every 40 people over 140

In addition to this, businesses are also required to provide gender specific facilities for work forces over 15, unless they can be occupied by no more than one person and can be locked from the inside. Each toilet should also be in a separate compartment with a door and hand washing facilities must be provided, with running water, soap and hand towels or air dryers. If you’re opening a restaurant or bar, not only should these rules be strictly followed, you should also consider the safety, privacy and enjoyment of your customers when they visit your establishment's bathroom. Before you begin to start the redesigning or remodeling process, we recommend that you read through the ADA and OSHA rules and requirements in full. 

It Needs To Effectively Serve Its Purpose

Before you get to work on designing your commercial bathroom, you need to have a clear plan on what sort of purpose it’s going to serve. For example, if it’s a restaurant or cafe, you’re going to want to focus more on the design side of things, whilst also making sure they are easy to clean and have a baby changing unit. However, if it’s a gym or a workplace, you’re going to want to make sure they are clean and comfortable with the right facilities such as showers, lockers and changing spaces. 


Your Commercial Bathroom Layout Will Leave A Mark

The layout of your commercial bathroom is so important as not only does it need to meet legal requirements, it will also affect how people see your workplace or business. This is especially important to consider if you’re planning on using single use toilets, as they have to adhere to the ADA standards. 

If you’re planning the layout of a restaurant or bar, some things you may want to consider is where you put the hand dryers and the types of sinks you install. For instance, you may want to make sure that you have multiple hand dryers that are close to the sink. This way, it prevents water trailing across the floor, making it easier for hygiene standards to be kept up throughout the day. Another aspect of layout you may want to consider if you’re planning on designing or redesigning a commercial bathroom in a workplace or store, is having enough stalls to meet the demand of customers or workforce. This could potentially be a case of making sure there is a wall you can line up stalls along, alongside ample space inside cubicles to fit sanitary bins for women. 

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Customers Will Comment On Your Accessibility

If you have, or you're planning on opening a business, you’ll understand just how important diversity is, particularly in the workplace. This is especially important to bear in mind when you’re designing a commercial bathroom for your space. Below we have listed things you should make sure to consider when designing your commercial bathroom. 

  • Baby changing
  • Wheelchair accessibility
  • Gender inclusive toilets
  • If you are planning on having showers in the workplace, then you need to have grab rails, a shower seat and a disabled toilet alarm system 

If you neglect having these things in place, you could find yourself in a very tricky situation with customers and employees. 

A Good Bathroom Design Will Have People Talking

A bad bathroom is something you don’t want to be remembered for. But a good bathroom, however, is something that is a talking point for people, especially if you own a restaurant, bar or cafe. One way you can elevate your commercial bathroom design is by creating a focal point that people will want to take pictures of and put on social media. This is a common aspect for a lot of restaurant chains these days. Not only will this encourage people to visit the bathrooms in your establishment and create business, but it will also mean people will know your location just by the signature image. One way you could do this is by creating your own neon sign, having a big decorative mirror or a striking wallpaper that makes a good background for photographs. 

We hope you found this guide useful.

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