Commercial Interior Design Trends

Commercial Interior Design Trends

Be inspired by the latest commercial interior design trends with FENIX.

Interior design trends, just like fashion, often come back time and time again. If you’re looking to remodel your commercial venue, whether that’s a shop or bar, and want to keep up to date with what’s trending, check out the latest commercial interior design trends with FENIX.


Our guide will take you through the current and predicted commercial design trends, from the color of the year and styles, to must-have appliances and soft furnishings.

At FENIX, our innovative materials are matte, timeless and tailorable with plenty of different colors to choose from to help fit in with the new commercial interior design trends of your choice. Why not get your free sample today and create a venue people will talk about?


‘Resimmercial’ Design


The post-covid era has seen customers look for a mixture of home comforts and commercial luxuries, meaning the rise of ‘resimmercial’ design has been seen across the commercial interior design industry.

‘Resimmercial’ design combines the best of residential and commercial design concepts. This trend is being seen mostly across offices as employees have become accustomed to working from their sofas, kitchen tables or home offices. Recreating this feeling in your work environment can help encourage more people to come into the office, as well as retain workers that may have gotten used to the comfort of their own homes.

An open office space with tables and desks, comfy couches, and decorations including plants, books and lighting.

Incorporating Sustainability

Businesses are becoming more aware of their environmental footprint, placing sustainability as a major objective. By choosing more sustainable brands to build, decorate or furnish their commercial space, organizations can ensure that their business is being sustainable from the get-go. 

As of December 1, 2021, FENIX® innovative materials for interior design are certified carbon neutral. This is the result of a favorable product build-up and the implementation of a long-term sustainability strategy. FENIX® innovative materials are carbon neutral from start to finish, whether that’s through the extraction and transportation of the raw materials, the production of FENIX, and ultimately the disposal.

Minimalism and Maximalism

With everyday life becoming increasingly hectic, businesses are opting for the minimalist interior design trend to entice customers to their stores or restaurants. Simplicity can be achieved through minimalist and carefully considered colors, furnishings and layouts. Minimalism chooses just a few focal points in the venue that reflect who you are as a brand.


On the other end of the spectrum is maximalism. Now, you’re probably wondering how both can be trending when they’re the complete opposite, but design is used to highlight who you are as a company. For some, that’s eccentric, colorful and a memorable experience that can be created through the maximalist look. Through its use of mismatched pattern, color and texture, maximalism has become popular in many hospitality venues such as bars and restaurants.

A restaurant with neutral toned furnishings, white walls and green plants.

Color Blocking

Color blocking is a popular trend across a lot of industries, including interior design and fashion. It’s a great way to introduce color to your space in a professional and stylish way. 

Color blocking works by using complimentary colors or tones of a singular color into your design, whether you own a restaurant, shop or office. It’s an easy design concept to follow because you can add the color or tones into your paintwork, furnishings or decorations.

FENIX for Interiors can help you create the color blocking effect through different toned counters and cupboards

Multi-Level Interiors

Making the most of your space through multi-level design is a trend that is in whether you own a restaurant or you’re designing a working environment.

Having multiple levels that are accessible to everyone can help provide a flexible space for those that are maybe looking for privacy in the office, or those wanting to have different sections to a bar for different experiences.

Having multiple levels also means that, regardless of the square meter space available, you can create a venue that has everything you need.

Stay on Top of the Trends With FENIX

We hope you have got some inspiration on the current and upcoming commercial interior design trends. If you’re looking for timeless, durable innovative materials that promise to work alongside trends timelessly and elevate your business, FENIX could be for you. Choose between FENIX NTM, FENIX NTM BLOOM and FENIX NTA and choose your free color and sample today.

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