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FENIX, maintenance and cleaning

Find out more on how to maintain FENIX material.

FENIX are opaque and anti-fingerprint surfaces. No special maintenance is required: just a damp cloth with warm water or a mild detergent. Almost all regular household cleaning products or disinfectants can be safely used.

Ink pad, roller and various stamp marks on paper, the text Don't Worry be FENIX applied on top of the image
Don't worry. Be FENIX.


Thermal healing of superficial micro-scratches is also possible. By using an iron and a damp towel/cloth, thermal healing can be applied to the relevant area of the product if scratches have not penetrated the surface. To know more about this, please check the FENIX maintenance and cleaning instructions.

An iron and cloth with the text General Maintenance on top of the image
FENIX General Maintenance



Learn more about maintenance and cleaning here.

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